Cornell Centrifugal Pumps


We offer the premier choice for any condition imaginable. Our Centrifugal Pumps have unmatched performance, robust design, and global support. We’re an authorized Cornell Pump dealer in Alberta, Canada, providing high-quality parts and equipment.


  • Smooth, contoured suction for improved hydraulic performance 
  • Water protection for front motor bearing 
  • Reduction in radial load, shaft deflection, and fatigue 
  • High hydraulic efficiency 
  • Reduction of axial loading on the impeller, shaft, and bearings
  • Best-in-class efficiency


  • External hydraulic balance line
  • Double volute system
  • Cast iron, bronze fitted, or all-iron construction 
  • Oversized bearings 
  • Replaceable wear rings
  • Shower curtain shield

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